Giannis & Leonidas

Property Managers

Email Phone (Giannis) (+30) 6973 391 561 Phone (Leonidas) (+30) 6937 833 088


Our company offers a variety of services to make all our customers feel at home. You needn’t have to worry about arriving to your destination or trying to find a vehicle to rent in high-season. Services such as boat trips excursions and safari tours are available for those who would like a more adventurous and exciting holiday, for those who prefer a more relaxing holiday our company provides private yoga lessons and massages because who doesn’t deserve a piece of heaven on their holiday.


We offer to arrange your transfer to and from the accommodation of your choosing, other transfers during the duration of your stay can be arranged to make your holiday an unforgettable experience.

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Car, motorbike and boat rental

Corfu Escapes can arrange for your car, motorbike and boat rental. To avoid the difficulty and hassle of renting a vehicle during your stay our company can arrange it for you prior to your arrival. Boat rentals are also available so you can explore the secluded areas of our majestic island.

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Excursions / Tours

Our company offers the chance to explore Corfu Island through a variety of magnificent tours organised by experienced tour guides. For the more adventurous, we provide Safari tours to take you off the beaten track so as to explore the natural beauties of our island whilst being a part of nature.

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Luggage Storage

Corfu Escapes office has a secure and convenient place to drop off your luggage/baggage and enjoy your time in Corfu. We have a big luggage storage room so to leave your luggage/baggage and enjoy Corfu to the fullest!

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Yoga & Massage Therapies

Our team can arrange private yoga classes and massage therapies upon request.

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